Sapien lasted only 2 to 3 years, from 1987 to early 1990. The band originating from Ramada (outskirts of Lisbon) was formed by its leader Fernando Rebelo bass. The full line up consisted of Miguel "Leviathan" vocals, Marinho guitar, Paulo lead guitar and João drums. The latter replaced by Nuno. The group had a very professional working method and technical, and managed to record several songs, like "The Calling", "The Temple Of Pain", "The Sabbath" or "The Four Apocalyptic Nights", during rehearsals into a 8-track Fostex. They performed live 2 or 3 times during its existence, one of them at the Ramada Secondary School in the summer of 1988. They split up due to personal problems at the beginning of 90. 

"The Calling" live Ramada Secondary School 1988


"The Calling" lyrics and original logo designed by one of the band members


  1. Uma homenagem ao meu amigo Fernando Rebelo (Sapien).

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  3. Quem és, a memória falha-me e já lá vão muitos anos amigo.