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The idea of forming a band took place in late ´89, beginning of ´90, in the minds of Victor Machado drums, Jorge guitar and Rui vocals. In this initial stage they were call Azon. Due to their few musical skills, specially Jorge, they decide to play hardcore. With some tracks already made in a more Deathcore vein, both english and portuguese, the project suffers a stagnation due to school. Sometimes after Jorge decides to enter a music school. Meanwhile, they find a place to rehearse, at the Artimusica Studios, located in Póvoa de Sto Adrião. However, because of school obligations, in late ´90, Rui leaves the band. Being replaced by Filipe vocals and bass. Nuclear Holocaust would release a 4 track promo tape, with the tracks "Heavy Metal", "Morte aos Prof´s", "Basta" and "E.P.A.".  Another 4 tracks were released, as a rehearsal tape. Those tracks "Intro", "H.M.", "Morte" and "Holo" were recorded in May 29th 1990, at some studios located in Póvoa.  



Band from the Cascais area, which had lasted a very short time at the beginning of the 90s. With the line up consisting of Paulo Ramos vocals, Luís Páscoa drums, Paulo Paté bass, Uriel Pereira guitar, Paulo (Si) Sousa guitar and Zé Vasconcelos keyboards, Inox recorded a 3 track demo tape only for promotional purposes around 1990. Tracks were: "Touch Reaction", "Always Together" and "Backstage Queen". Getting national airplay through the daily radio program Rock Em Stock, they started some contacts with agencies and record labels, but the singer's family had to leave the country, whereupon the band without a vocalist  ceased functions shortly afterwards. Zé Vasconcelos and Luís Páscoa joined Joker

promo tape ©1990  audio sample


This fanzine, from Barreiro, was published by Fernando Roberto (Metal Soldiers Records) around 88/89 but under the name Cannibalistic'Zine, in which only launched one number. In 1990 he decided to change the name to Hallucination, and published only 3 issues (#1-1991, #2-1992, #3-1994).


Band from Nisa (Alto Alentejo), active during the early 90s. With the line-up formed by Sérgio Pereira vocals, José Maia guitar, João Miguéns guitar, João Polido bass and Nuno Bruno drums the band enters the Rec 'n' Roll studios with the production of Tarântula`s drummer Luis Barros, they recorded the demo tape "POW", August 1994. The tracks were, "Kill To Survive", "Dark Fears", "Iron Curtain", ? (instrumental), "Prisoners Of War" and "Eu Tenho". Performed some concerts with bands such as Web, Bloodshed, Restus Comme. However the musicians regrouped in 1997 for a special concert. In 2013, reconvene and begin to prepare what will be the successor of "POW"

demo tape "POW" ©1994 audio sample


Fanzine from the Lisbon area, released by João Pedro and Luis Brito. Only 2 issues released, the 1st in 1988.


From Mem Martins, Lisbon, formed in the beginning of 1987 by two schoolmates, Mário Rodrigues "Stein" (Unsilent) guitar and Zé Manel drums, under the name Holocaust. After some time joins in Ressalto as vocalist and they changed their name to Hell Warrior, but due to the existence of another group with that name they choose Extortion. Ressalto leaves the band and joins Artur to the bass spot and Stein has accumulated the place of vocalist and guitarist. In October 1987 another change occurs within the band, Mario joins as bass player, and with his entry Extortion get a garage to rehearse. Then with better conditions, experiments are made and Artur abandons the bass spot to be exclusively vocalist. January 1988 they worked rehearsing new songs. February makes their first appearance in public, at the Sta Maria school, in Sintra. Their music gets some airplay at the radio Club of Mem Martins, but is not well accepted, because of their satanic lyrics. Extortion played at the União Recreativa e Cultural da Abrunheira, March 19th.


Thrash band from Lisbon. Formed in April 1991 by Pedro guitar, and Nuno bass, two school mates. They were joined by Ni drums, that after a single concert left the group. His departure was quickly remedied with the entry of Miguel. In January 1992, Toni joins as lead singer, but in March he leaves and the band changed their rehearsal studio. Since then Pedro takes care of the voices.

rehearsal tape ©1991/ 92  



Formed in the summer of 1991 in Monte da Caparica, the original line up included Matias bass, Zé Antonio drums, Pedro vocals and guitarists Sérgio and Zé Carlos. They were rehearsing until the first concert, which was at the Secondary school of Monte da Caparica, end of November. Soon after the band enters the Heaven Sound studios and recorded 2 tracks: "Blindman" and "It`s Coming". However they started having problems with Matias, leaving in February/ March 1992. They had some time looking for his replacement, finding João.

demo tape ©1991/ 92 audio sample


Overhead were from the North of Portugal, Porto. They released a 6 track demo tape in 1992, titled "The Eyes Of The Future", with the songs: "Overhead (Intro)", "Master", "Fight For Your Dreams", "Love Frustration", "The Eyes Of The Future", "Cubo De Gelo" and "Love Instrumental Frustration".


demo tape "The Eys Of The Future" ©1992 audio sample

 ticket June 10th 1991, Cairo disco, Porto


Formed in mid-1991, in the region of Leiria, Vomitory born as Corpsegrinder. Back then the line up was Luís Alfar vocals/ bass, Luís drums and Nuno guitar. After a gig in Leiria R. Capitão and Tó joins the group, guitar and bass respectively. In 1992 they released a 4 track demo pae "Putrid Flesh". The demo included an intro and a Napalm Death cover "Scum", besides the 2 songs "Cause of Allergy" and "Putrid Flesh".

demo tape "Putrid Flesh"©1992 audio sample